Coming soon (or possibly much later)- Statistics related content.


I was involved with teaching statistics to Biology students for more than 30 years and during that time I devloped various materials which may be helpful. However, be warned, I am unlikely to update these much now that I no longer teach biostatistics. I also use a lot of statistics in my research, hopefully I can share things that I find useful.

The first resource is some web content whose development was partially funded by the Bioscience Centre of the HEA. These pages are related to multivariate statistics (opens in a new webpage/tab).

Must see: Online Course

15 hours of online lectures by two of the experts. Delivered clearly and with humour. There is much to learn from these lectures.

Featured Website: R Bloggers

R Bloggers

R-Bloggers pulls together posts from over 500 R bloggers to provide a continuously updating and very useful set of resources. A must for anyone interested in using R.

Golden EagleGolden Eagle found poisoned on a Scottish Estate. See  here for details and here for a recent RSPB report on bird poisoning.